Border Reivers 2s Go down to City Team

In a highly anticipated clash at Waverley Squash Club, the Border Reivers 2s faced off against Waverley 4s in the latest East League 4 match. Matches between these two teams are generally close fought affairs and the expectations were the same for this one.

Despite their best efforts, Reivers players Nick Jupp (Ancrum), Del Sharratt (Hawick) and Darren Quinn (Selkirk) found themselves on the wrong end of 3-0 scorelines. But Richard Taylor (Gala) and former Stirling No. 1 Alan Jobes (Hownam) earned victories for the Border Reivers to make sure the Typical Close Match Up was continued.

The individual match results unfolded as follows:

Alan Jobes 3-1 Sandy McPherson (15-11, 13-15, 15-10, 15-12): A very close match up in squash style made for good entertainment for the spectators.

Richard Taylor 3-2 Michael Gibbs (10-15, 15-6, 9-15, 17-15, 15-13): Taylor showcased resilience in a back-and-forth battle, and it could easily have went Gibbs way but for small margins.

Callum Henning 3-0 Del Sharratt (15-4, 15-13, 15-12): Sharratt’s quickly identified the Forehand Smash as Henning’s weakness, but Sharratt’s early rustiness meant momentum was with Henning.

Stuart Johnston 3-0 Darren Quinn (15-4, 15-4,15-4): Quinn just met an in-form Johnston, Johnston had an answer for everything Quinn threw at him and won fairly quickly.

Julian Camilleri-Brennan 3-0 Nick Jupp:  Jupp was rueing his unforced errors in this game, and felt he should have taken something form this match, another day may well have seen a different result.