Dean 2s Prevail in Thrilling Encounter Against Border Reivers 2s

In a rematch that promised redemption for the Border Reivers 2s, Dean 2s emerged victorious in a hard-fought battle, securing an 8-15 victory over their opponents. The tension in the air was palpable as the teams clashed in a contest that had revenge written all over it.

In the earlier fixture this season, Dean 2s had convincingly whitewashed a weakened Borders side with an 18-0 triumph. Eager for payback, Sharratt and the Border Reivers 2s were determined to turn the tables.

The encounter proved to be a nail-biting affair, with two matches stealing the spotlight. Sharratt faced off against Palmer, and Quinn went head-to-head with Anderson, both matches extending to five thrilling games, lasting nearly an hour each. In a crucial twist, the Edinburgh pair emerged victorious in both contests with 3-2 victories, putting Dean 2s in a commanding position, needing just one more rubber to seal the match.

Richard Taylor of Border Reivers 2s took on Craig Wallace in the next match, and Taylor demonstrated composure and skill to secure a 3-1 win, providing a lifeline for the Border Reivers.

The contest concluded with Iain Laing, a stalwart of the Reivers, facing Mark Ivory and ultimately falling 3-1, and Alan Jobes, the former Stirling No.1, succumbing to Ross Jamieson in a 3-0 defeat. The 4-1 victory in individual matches and a 15-8 overall score favored the Capital side, Dean 2s, solidifying their dominance in this tightly contested encounter.

The Border Reivers 2s fought valiantly, but the resilience and performance of Dean 2s proved decisive, earning them a well-deserved triumph in a match filled with intensity and drama.