Dean 2s Secure Dominant Victory Over Border Reivers 2s

In their first match of the season, Border Reivers 2s faced a formidable challenge from Dean 2s, resulting in a commanding 18-0 victory for the Dean team. The Border Reivers 2s were grappling with a substantially weakened lineup due to the holiday week in the Borders, which led to several key players being away from the squad.

Debutant Sabrina Forrester, although full of enthusiasm, found herself outmatched in the first rubber, conceding a 3-0 loss to Fergus Spink. Unfortunately for the Borderers, this trend continued throughout the match as Dean 2s left no room for doubt, securing a clean sweep in the contest.

Match Scores (Reivers First):

  • Richard Taylor 0-3 Ross Jamieson (4-15, 5-15, 8-15)
  • Del Sharratt 0-3 Jonny Sweet (6-15, 5-15, 7-15)
  • Derek Noffke 0-3 Mark Ivory (5-15, 5-15, 8-15)
  • Darren Quinn 0-3 Craig Wallace (4-15, 12-15, 8-15)
  • Sabrina Forrester 0-3 Fergus Spink (4-15, 0-15, 0-15)

Team Captain Sharratt reflected on the match, acknowledging the challenges faced by the Border Reivers 2s. “This was tough,” he said. “We were without several key players due to Holidays, and the players that did play were carrying niggles.” The frustrating aspect was that the Borders Reivers 1s match was called off at the last minute during the week, meaning that some of those players could have been utilized in the 2s team. However, Sharratt remained optimistic, highlighting Dean 2s’ strength on the night and expressing hope that with the return of key players, the Border Reivers’ fortunes would improve.

The Border Reivers 2s will be eager to regroup and come back stronger in their upcoming matches as they aim to bounce back from this challenging start to their season.