Border Reivers v Lockerbie

As part of the Preparation for the League Season, The Border Reivers entertained a team from Lockerbie in a Pre-season Friendly.  This was the return leg as the Border Reivers won a narrow victory last year at Lockerbie Squash Club. 

The matches were all good match ups and it got the players into Team Squash mode again.  The Match of the night had to be the Fourth Seeds Richard Taylor (BR) v Stuart Wylie (L).  Stuart Wylie took the first two game with tigt victories 15-11, 17-15.  But Richard Taylor just grinded away and kept to his game and didn’t lose focus and brought it back t o2-2 with 17-15, 15-2.  The decider was a tense affair and neither player wanted to give it up. Taylor took it 15-12 for 3-2.

The Border Reivers won all 5 matches and the Match 18-4.

Tony Elliot 3-1 David Lindsay
Sam Collin 3-0 Colin Grieve
Richard Hebb 3-0 Craig Bourner
Richard Taylor 3-2 Stuart Wylie
Del Sharratt 3-1 Stuart Garner