Borders Squash Championship 2023

The Inaugural Border Squash Championship took place in Gala the other day; this pitted some Crack Squash players from various towns in the Borders against each other.  Teams of 3 entered from Gala, Selkirk, Hawick and Jedburgh, Peebles and ‘Rest of Borders’.  This was a highly competitive event and each team played each other once in a Round Robin Format.  Each match was ONE game and this added to the excitement and made for a quick turn around of games.

A strong Peebles Team of Sam Collin, Richard Hebb and Graham Bensted Triumphed on the night.

Hawick/Jed 2-1 Selkirk; Rest of Borders 2-1 Gala; Peebles 3-0 Selkirk; Hawick/Jed 2-1 Rest of Borders; Hawick/Jed 2-1 Gala; Peebles 3-0 Rest of Borders; Hawick/Jed 2-1 Peebles; Gala 3-0 Selkirk; Rest of Borders 2-1 Selkirk; Peebles 3-0 Gala.


Peebles.            10
Hawick + Jed      8
Rest of Borders   6.
Galashiels.           5.
Selkirk.                2.

Match Secretary Del Sharratt said “This is the first Inter Town Squash tournament we have held in the Borders since the 1990s, it’s fantastic that Squash is thriving again throughout Scotland and hopefully we will make the Border Squash Championship an annual event.  A Big Congratulations to Peebles for the victory, and a bit Shout Out to ALL players who took part in the event.” “The East of Scotland Squash League season is almost upon us and events like this are great preparation for the games, the Border Reivers are entering TWO Teams this year as everyone is chomping at the bit to be involved.”

PIC: Peebles Top Seed Sam Collin

Peebles Top Seed Sam Collin