The Ladies Championship this year attracted 5 ladies – and this was run as a single round robin group wit the top two contesting the final.  In the Round Robin, Lesley Melvin had won every match 3-0 for Maximum points and started the Final as Favourite against 2022 Champion Lynne Palepoi. 

Both players started a bit sketchy and took a bit of time to get used to the bounce of the ball, Mevin’s powerful serves seen her take most points without too many rallies as Palepoi was struggling wit the returns, Melvin soon took a 2-0 lead (15-13, 15-12).  The third game seemed to see Palepoi relax into her squash and Palepoi found a mean Lob Serve that beat Melvin and was combatting Melvin’s power serves.  This game produced more rallies and varied shots and Palepoi seemed to enjoy this more and took it 15-9.  On a roll, Palepoi was really focussing on the ball and produced several deft drop shots to the front left of the court which Melvin just couldn’t reach and Palepoi won th e4th 15-13 tO force a decider.  After both players exchanging points initially in the deciding game, Palepoi’s game just clicked ad Melvin had no answer to the Lob Serves and deft Drop shots and Palepoi stormed into an 11-3 lead.  But with true Grit and enthusiasm, Melvin refused to give up and got a few balls passed Palepoi to bring it back a bit.  But in the end Palepoi triumphed 15-7 to take her 2nd Title 3-2.