Richard Taylor 1-3 Bob Baikie
Taylor got off to a good start and took the first 15-12, some accurate full length shots helped Taylor taker command in the game.  Baikie then started killing the ball at the front of the court and Taylor couldn’t get to grips with the constant drop shots and short game of Baikie, and Baikie’s tactics won him the next two games 15-7, 15-7.  In the fourth Game, Taylor adjusted his court positioning to slightly in front of the T-Line and managed to reach the Drop Shots of Baikie and this prolonged the rallies and made for an exciting game.  Baikie just managed to keep Taylor at the back of the court at the right time and killed the ball at the key moment to win 15-12 for 3-1.

Del Sharratt 0-3 Mark Crease
This pair have a friendly rivalry dating back to the East Conference days before Either team were in the East Leagues; but Crease always appears too strong for Sharratt; The first game seen Crease make several unforced errors and some messy shots and Sharratt tried in vein to capitalise but kept it close to 15-11.  In the second game Crease had tidied u phis squash and his shots were tight to the wall and accurate which made Sharratt work for his points.  Crease kept the momentum going though and won 15-10, 15-8.

Piers Wilkinson 3-0 Calum Brown
Wilkinson got the first victory for The Border Reivers in a straight sets 3-0 victory, the match was closer than the scores suggests, but Wilkinson used his 6’4” Frame and long reach to get to all Brown could throw at him and this was  cracking game despite the 3-0 (15-10, 15-9, 15-8) scoreline.

Sam Collin 3-0 Calum A Brown
This was a polished performance by Collin, and his best squash of the season so far.  Brown was a fast, agile player but he didn’t know what hit him when Collin kept returning his shots.  Collin’s awesome performance won him the first two games 15-2, 15-2.  Brown seemed to have no answer for Collin, but Collin refused to take his foot off the gas, and was still smarting from throwing away a 2-0 lead at Edinburgh Sports Club in the Previous match.  Althous Brown made more a go of the third, Collin took it 15-7 to level the match at 2-2.

Tony Elliot 3-0 Adam Hill
Although the match was sitting at 2-2 and thie was the deciding rubber, Elliot was the overwhelming favourite, boasting an unbeaten season and the previous meeting between these two was a 3-0 victory for Elliot.  Well this one went as per script and Border Reivers 5-time Club Champion turned up with his A-game and won convincingly 15-3, 15-4, 15-6

Captain Sharratt said “We always have a close match with Colinton Castle, this leaves us in 5th out of 10 at mid-season and a solid winning start to the second half in January will hopefully see us rise up the table and challenge the promotion places.”