Del Sharratt 1v3 Walid Magby (16-14, 8,15, 12-15, 8-15)
Sharratt won the first game a tight 16-14.  But that was it for the Reivers Captain.  Magby played the short game with a series of Drop Shots and Boasts that Sharratt just couldn’t get to.  This was a tactic that Magby deployed throughout the game – keeping Sharratt at the back of the court then throwing in a Drop Shot. 
Sharratt was a bit disappointed in this match as he has previously beaten Magby and knew he could play better.

Iain Laing 1-3 Euan McIver (15-3, 10-15, 9-15, 10-15)
The Oldest and Youngest players squared off, and this ended up in a reversal of the Score from last season when Veteran Laing then won 3-1.  McIver just seemed to get faster and faster as the game went on and had mote in the engine than Laing.  Laing tried t ocompensate with know how and placement but the Young McIver took full advantage of his Youthfulness and won the match 3-1.

Piers Wilkinson 2-3 Phil Brown (17-15, 5-15, 10-15, 15-9, 8-15)
This was The Match of the Night and every point was fought for.  The first game at 17-15 pretty much demonstrated how closely matched these players were and the match took in some awesome rallies.  The 6’4” Wilkinson used his reach on several occasions and Brown would struggle to keep the ball out of Wilkinsons reach.  A Few Tense points when the Refereee had to rule for strokes/lets as Brown and Wilkinson got in each others way didn’t ruin the spectacle.  Brown Triumphed to seal the victory for Xcite on the night.

Jordan Reid 0-3 Iain McIver (9-15, 8-15, 12-15)
An Out of Sorts Reid lost to a Whitewash to an opponent he has previoulsy beaten.  Reid hasn’t played too much squash lately and seemed to lack the Cutting Edge that regular competitive Squash Brings.  Reid got frustrated with himself at several points and his head went down.  McIver capitalised and this was another game that on another night could easily have gone the other way.

Sam Collin 2-3 Eric McMullen (12-15, 8-15, 15-9, 10-15)
In the absence of Regular Top Seed Tony Elliot, Sam Collin had to step in and although he made a good account of himself, he just couldn’t match the Squash of McMullen.  McMullen is very competitive and showed some Gamesmanship and heckling of Collins Missed shots which maybe got into the Head of the Borderer and Collin couldn’t find any rhythm.  This took a clean sweep of matches for Xcite.

Club Captain Del Sharratt said “This was a disappointing loss for the Reivers; we have started the season well and are pushing the promotion places.  This  a set back, especially as we all played well and worked hard or the victoy last week.  We have atough away fixture next week at table Topping Edinburgh Sports club so we were really looking to take more form this Match.”