Reivers Off to a Flier

The new reduced East of Scotland League season got underway.  Grange 5 had beaten Border Reivers to win the league just before Christmas and condemn the Borderers to 2nd place.  So the Borderers were looking for retribution to get the new season off to a flier,

Iain Laing 3-0 Maximillian Bork
Seasoned Veteran Laing was against Max Bork making his East League debut.  Laings Experience shone through and he took this fairly easily 15-8, 15-3, 15-9 to take maximum points for the Reivers.

Graeme Gillie 3-1 Alex Yovanivich
This match was tied at 1-1 and in the third both players had an accidental collision and clash of heads, the referee called a Let ball and told the players to continue, Yovanivich wasn’t too pleased as he blamed Gillie for the collision and thought Gillie should concede the game.  Gillie won the third and Yovanivich then confronted the Referee and after a heated verbal exchange Yovanivich refused to come back on Court and Gillie won the fourth 15-0 by default for 3-1 and and another victory for the Reivers 15-17, 15-9, 15-10, 15-0d

Jordan Reid 3-0 Rory Gilbride
A Cracking match with Both players on form, the Scoreline slightly flattered Reid but Reid was that wee bit faster and fitter and Reid’s relentless running around the court was just too much for Gilbride and the Borderers were on 3 victories from 3 rubbers.  15-6, 15-11, 15-12

Adam McKay 3-1 Douglas Imrie
With Reivers regular No. 1 Tony Elliot unavailable for this match, Adam McKay stepped up to Top Seed for the occasion, and this one produced the match of the night.  McKay was focussed from the start and motored off to an 8-0 lead in the first before Imrie troubled the scorer.  Although Imrie produced some awesome serves to bring the game back to 9-7; but as soon as McKay got the Hand (serve) back he produced some fast tight shots and took it 15-8.  The Second game was a complete contrast to the first, with Imrie producing some great squash to take an 8-2 lead.  Although McKay had found an answer to the Imrie serve, Imrie bossed the rallies and although McKay brought  it back to 9-10 Imrie kept his concentration and won 15-9.  The Third game was a closer fought affair, and the drives down the wall coupled with well timed boasts made this a fantastic encounter for the spectators.  This was closer until McKay was 7-5 up and took the hand, McKay just seemed to have the edge and got the ball past Imrie by inches on each point and won 15-7, at 2-1 to the Botrderers it was starting to look like the match would go McKays way but in the fourth Imrie showed he was still in the court taking leads of 3-1, 8-4 and 10-7.  But McKay started varying his shots which wrong footed Imrie several times and McKay pulled away to15-12 and 3-1 for a Clean sweep for the Border Reivers.

Reivers Captain Sharratt, who was unavailable for this match, said “I’m delighted we got such a comprehensive victory over Grange 5s; Grange were the only team that finished above us in the league last season so this victory sets up up well. I believe the tensions in the third rubber between Graeme and Alex were soon put behind them and off Court everything passed smoothly.  The new format for this season of 4-man teams as opposed to the traditional 5-man teams will take a bit ti get used to, but it means every point is valuable as a 2-2 comes down to games won then points won.  I’m hoping to be back for next weeks match at Abercorn.”