Defeat for Borderers


The Border Reivers were brought back down to earth this week after there clean sweep victory over Grange 5s last week.  The Reivers were without a couple of key players and Abercorn team all played well on the same night.
Reivers Captain Del Sharratt lost the first match 3-0 to Daniel Taylor, this was Daniel’s debut in the East Leagues, but he has shown he is a more than capable team player and staked a claim for a more regular game.  Del just seemed too stiff and rigid and couldn’t get into his stride during the match.
The next game was Piers Wilkinson v Tom Clemens, although the City boy Clemens won 3-0 this was  far closer match with the games 15-12, 15-13, 15-13 as Wilkinson just lost a couple of key points in the games.
Reivers Jordan Reid secured the Only victory for the Borderers with a fantastic 3-0 victory over former Abercorn Club Champion Martin Browse.  Reid has a 100% win record this season and could prove to be a key player for the Reivers.
In the Top Seeds match, Abercorns Senga MacFie beat Adam McKay 3-0.  The Reivers usual top seed Tony Elliot was unavailable this tie but was ruing his absence as he is looking for revenge over Mac Fie from last seasons 3-1 loss.

Adam McKay 0-3 Senga MacFie (6-15, 9-15, 11-15)
Jordan Reid 3-0 Martin Browse (15-11, 15-6, 15-7)
Piers Wilkinson 0-3 Tom Clemens (12-15, 13-15, 13-15)
Del Sharratt 0-3 Daniel Taylor (8-15, 10-15, 9-15)