The Border Reivers triumphed in all 5 rubbers in this match; which was an amazing result considering at one stage Del Sharratt was 2-1 down, and Jordan Reid was 2-0 down.  This win catapults the Borderers upto 2nd Place in East League 4 with 2 matches remaining.

Indeed, Del Sharratt survived 4 Match Points against him in the decding game and finally won out 19-17.  Jordan proved to be fitter than his opponent as he came from 2-0 behind and cleaned up the last two games 15-5, 15-4.  Matt Gibbs, who was a last minute call up as team regular Adam McKay still had no power or electricity form storm Arwen, proved his worth with a 3-0 win.  Iain Laing had a pretty straight forward 3-0 against fellow veteran Ross Anderson.

Tony Elliot won 3-0 but this game was far from straight forward, the spectators expected this to go the distance as both players were very similar standard and style; but Tony just got the rub of the green at key times and was fortunate to win 3-0.

Scores, Reivers players first:

Tony Elliot 3-0 Alfred Cary (16-14, 15-10, 15-12)
Jordan Reid 3-2 Ross Jamieson (14-16, 10-15, 16-14, 15-5, 15-4)
Iain Laing 3-0 Ross Anderson (15-5, 15-13, 15-4)
Del Sharratt 3-2 Scott MacKenzie (15-4, 15-17, 13-15, 15-5, 19-17)
Matt Gibbs 3-0 Gabor Nagy (15-9, 15-11, 15-4)