Dear Member,

Upon the release of the Scottish Squash Guidelines for reopening of Squash Clubs (Scottish Squash Guidlines) please find below the measures that will be in place for your safety, and the safe reopening of our squash club.


Del Sharratt, Gala Squash Club TTreasurer, is the respected Covid officer, having run and still continuing to do so risk assessments of the club. The club and Del conform to council rules, having been scrutinised by them.

Measures will be in place. It must be reminded these are in the interest of yours and public health, something much bigger than any sport could be. 


Playing Squash – Please follow the Following Guidelines:
1. IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OF CORONA VIRUS THEN DON’T PLAY – common sense, if you have the symptoms of the virus then stay away from the squash club – but ANYONE who feels they MAY have the Virus and has been at the Club MUST let Del/Iain G know for the purposes of Track and Trace.
2. USE THE ONLINE BOOKING IN SYSTEM – We are all set up on and this is the ONLY way to book courts now, you MUST book this before playing.  Members ONLY, no guests using the club please.  this is to keep the footfall within the club to a minimum and to record track and trace.  The courts have been staggered for alternate use.  **If anyone has problems logging into the booking system then let Del Sharratt or Iain Gorman know and we will talk you through it or book on your behalf**
3. TRACK AND TRACE – Also sign the Sign-In sheet at the door of the squash club with Time of arrival.
4. COMMONROOM IS OUT OF BOUNDS – apart from parents of kids.  Under 11s are allowed to play unconditional squash, if playing another kid then One parent may spectate.  But ‘Hanging about’ in the Common Room is a strict NO
5. ARRIVE READY TO PLAY – Arrive ready to step on court.  If you need to change trainers then do it at court door, do not leave any kit behind in the club and take your bags on court with you
6. SHOWER AT HOME – The Changing facilities and Showers are out of bounds, the Ladies toilets at the moment are the only ones available to use.
{ We are renewing the faccilities in the Gents imminently then we will look at the changing room re-opening}
7. KIT – Bring your own racket/balls/goggles. If anyone needs any kit from the Club then let me know and I will assign one racket per person with their name on it and that is the one they will use.  Use your own Balls if possible.  If you use ANY kit from the club then clean it after with the wet wipes provided.
8. ARRIVAL – Try to arrive at the club separately.
9. ETIQUETTE – Do not wipe your hands on the walls.  As the courts are staggered this allows enough time for players to clean any areas they have touched or sweated on after their game.
10. PLAYING DIFFERENT OPPONENTS – At the moment we Are only allowed solo squash and household squash.  SOLO squash means only ONE person on the court for a 45 minute session, swapping in and out with someone else is not allowed.  Household squash is UNRESTRICTED SQUASH against persons of the same household or “household bubble” common sense prevails!
11. DON’T SHAKE HANDS – After the game don’t Shake hands with opponent, a nod or “good game” will suffice for now.
12. HAND GEL – there will be several hand gel stations around the club, upstairs and downstairs, use them upon arrival and before you leave.

Life is like a box of chocolates. We’re on the roses just now…..


updated 30.08.20