Victory at The Oriam

Heriot Watt 4s 5-15 Border Reivers

Alex Borwell 2v3 Darren Quinn
Quinn secured his first ever victory for the Reivers, although at 2-2 Quinn felt his hamstring tight and nearly pulled out of the match, but he tried to protect his right hand side so he didn’t have to lunge much and took this game 13-15, 15-8, 13-15, 15-8, 15-7.

Jonathan Huntley 0v3 Jordan Reid
This was a straight forward victory for the Borderer, Reid was quick about the court and there wasn’t much he wasn’t reaching, this went 15-4, 15-5, 15-3.

Sajid Mohammad 0v3 Graeme Gillie
The experience of Mohammad couldn’t live upto the fitness of Gillie, although there were more rallies in this match, this was similar to the Huntley v Reid match and Gillie seemed to clean up in no time 15-3, 15-4, 15-4.

Thomas Ewen 3-0 Del Sharratt
Although Del was victorious in the previous match between these two players, in this one Del was on the tail end of a virus and still wasn’t his usual self and seemed to coast through the match. The Student won 15-13, 15-12, 15-5.

Callum Ross 0-3 Tony Elliot
Another League match down and another 3-0 victory for Tony, This was a closer game than most of the previous rubbers and Tony certainly didn’t have it All his own way. This was 15-3, 15-7, 15-8 for the Borders Top Seed.