Post Christmas Blues

Dalgety Bay 2s 13-8 Border Reivers


Iain Penman 3-1 Jordan Reid

This was Reid’s Debut for the Reivers and the youngster made a good start, Reid rattled off several points off his serves and won the first 15-11.  But that proved to be the only game that Reid won as the Fifer Penman took the rest in a CLOSE fought 15-13, 15-10, 15-10.


Paul Jukes 1-3 Graeme Gillie

Gillie, is another fairly new player for the Reivers.  This give Gillie a played 2 won 2 record.  Jukes sneaked the first 15-13 and Gillie sneaked the seconds 15-12 but Jukes was flummoxed by Gillie’s unorthodox squash style as Gillie plays with BOTH hands and seldom uses a backhand.  Gillie got better the more the match went on and reeled off the remaining games 15-4, 15-9.


Alan Jones 3-0 Del Sharratt

Jones has only played a handful of games this season and Sharratt couldn’t shake off the cobwebs from the Festive break and seemed half a yard behind throughout the game.  Sharratt was chasing the game from the start and although some long rallies ensued the match was closer than the 15-8, 15-6, 15-8 scoreline suggests.



Grant Sinclair 3-1 Iain Laing

Iain Laing played some great squash and used his years of experience when playing his shots in this match.  But Sinclair seemed to be able to keep Laing at the back half of the court so won several rallies with drop shot or boasts as Laing had been pinned to the back of the court and couldn’t get to the short shots quick enough.  This was one of the better matches of the night as both players oozed experience and kept each other guessing with some trickerty.  Sinclair took it 13-15, 15-9, 18-16, 15-11.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Neil Whiteside

The ever reliable Elliot didn’t have too much trouble polishing off Whiteside in this match.  Whiteside had been undefeated this season but Elliot was a higher Calibre opponent and Whiteside just couldn’t live with the Borderer.  Tony took it 15-6, 15-6, 15-10.


Captain Del Sharratt commented “We were all a bit rusty after the Christmas break, but they are in the same boat so a lot of the games were sluggish.  Reid and Gillie are both fast, fit squash players and with a bit of coaching will be major assets to the Border Reivers.”