Border Reivers 15-7 Craigshill Xcite

Del Sharratt 3-2 Walid Magby

Sharratt started well in this rubber going 5-2 up fairly quickly.  Sharratt’s serves were accurate from the start and several points were won with Aces.  But once Walid got the hand back, Del would find it difficult to get the ball past him and this made for a close game, but Del’s aces held out for a 15-13 triumph.  The second game seen more rallies, both players were surprised at some of the shots they were able to get to and this was a great game for spectators.  Walid won 15-12, the third game seen Del go off the boil and this coupled with Walid finding perfect length and width meant Walid took this more straightforwardly 15-6.  Del was 2-1 down but he seemed to find his mojo again as the fourth game was like the first in that Del had prowess on this serves and again took it 15-13.  The fifth game seen Del grow in confidence as he was off to a 7-1 lead before Walid started finding his game again but oi twa too late and Del took the match with 15-7.


Pat Spence 0-3 Robin Nisbet

Two Veterans of the game took to the court and this was a battle of the Squash shot rather than speed and fitness.  Spence used his customary drop shots to try to kill the ball, but Nisbet was equal to them and read the shots well as he would respond with cross court drives and although the squash was good and the match was close Nisbet just had the edge as he won 16-11, 15-9, 15-10.


Iain Laing 3-2 Iain McIver

Laing was made to work for victory in this one, this rubber threw two very similar players together and it could have gone either way.  They shared the spoils in the opening games and after some intense squash it was 1-1.  The third game seen Laing get the better of McIver; Laing used a superior squash brain and when McIver thought he hit a winner Laing was all over it.  This went 15-7 to Laing.  McIver seemed to give a big push in the fourth game and pulled out some amazing fast accurate shots to take it 15-13 to tie at 2-2. But McIver had gave his all in the match and was just chasing the game a bit in the decider as he seemed to move less freely and Laing won 15-7 to take the Reivers to a 2-1 lead.


Adam McKay 3-0 John Taylor

McKay didn’t get this all his own way even though the scores of 15-10, 15-7, 15-10 made it look easy.  McKay hasn’t played much squash of late and didn’t quite have his eye in as much as League regular Taylor.  McKay was faster and more skilful and in the end that was what won him the match 3-0.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Phil Brown

Tony kept his 100% record this season going.  Whatever Phil would do Tony would do better and Phil tried everything, different styles and different shots but Tony was just too good and clinched the match for the Reivers with this victory.


Reivers Captain Del Sharratt said “Boom, that’s the first time we have beaten Xcite.  They have a good squad and they are all  of similar quality; they came down here looking for victory in the 3,4 and 5 seed rubbers but a gallant effort from myself and Laing put pay to that.  This is a huge win for us and we goto Heriot Watt next week oozing with confidence.”