Tyne District 2s 16-5 Border Reivers


Andrew Dowlen-Gilland 0-3 Raymond Jeffries

15-9, 15-13, 15-10 to the Tyne 2s opener. Sir Andrew seemed a bit rusty, having been abroad for a few weeks this was the Borderer’s first match for nearly a month and the cobwebs were evident. This should have been a good 5-set thriller but Sir Andrew was half a yard slower than his usual self and Jeffries was on form. It was maybe down to fatigue but the referee found himself busy having to call several strokes and lets as the players were getting in each others way. A good 3 points for the Haddington Club to open with


Graham Bensted 0-3 Richard Lockhart

Although Bensted was a mainstay in the Reivers team last season, this match represented his debut fixture for the season. Bensted has a fast hard serve, but Lockhart didn’t let it phase him and controlled the match throughout; not too many spectacular rallies but basic squash won through in this for 15-5, 15-3, 15-8 for Tyne 2’s no. 4 seed


Del Sharratt 0-3 Andy Stafford

Del found the going tough in this match, Sharrat normally a fourth or fifth seed player had to step upto no. 3 due to call offs.Del couldn’t be faulted for effort and determination, the first game seen some decent rallies but Tyne’s Stafford just managed to keep the ball tighter to the walls to take it 15-7.In the second Andy seemed to switch up a gear and Del was sent to every corner of the court, Andy stayed focussed and took it 15-12.In the third Del found his length and enjoyed some prolonged control but the Tyne squasher just seemed to have the edge and took the third 15-9.


Pat Spence 2-3 Gordon Hamilton

Spence seemed to be on the back foot from the start, Hamilton was quick out the blocks and seemed dominant as Spence had no answer for any of Hamiltons shots, Tyne took a 15-8, 15-6 lead fairly quickly and seemed cruising. But Spence has a good squash brain and he played to Hamiltons weaknesses and kept the ball tight to bring himself back into the tie with 15-12, 16-14 for 2-2. The fifth game didn’t seem to live upto the billing though, Spence made several unforced errors and his shots were just sneaking onto the tin or the out of court line and this meant Hamilton took it 3-2 with 15-9.


Tony Elliot 3-1 Shane Presslet

Ever Reliable Tony again secured a victory for Gala, Elliot, who has yet to be beaten in league 5 this season, had the edge in what was an intense tussle.

A fast start for Elliot, the higher ranked Pressley fancied taking this one but seemed to make basic errors in the first as Elliot took it convincingly 15-5. The second game Pressley seemed to switch on and although Elliot pummelled shots from corner to Corner, Pressley reached them and the skill in this game was amazing, Pressley managed to hold on with some deft drop shots to win 16-14. But Elliot commanded the rest of the match and Pressley was sent round the court and tired quiker than Elliot. The Reivers no. 2 took the games 15-11, 15-9.


Gala Captain Sharratt said afterwards Haddington’s Tyne District 2s are a new team, but we have encountered some of their players in previous seasons. Tony once again was the star of the show and this was one of the strongest opponent’s he will face this season. Tony has pulled a muscle in his leg and is a doubt for next weeks match vs Linlithgow 3s; so it may be a tough ask to win next week.