Whiewash for the Borderers

Border Reivers 18-0 Heriot Watt 4s

The Border Reivers got a Whitewash in all the rubbers in this match; Tony Elliot beat Ali Hill, Iain Laing beat ben Shepherd, Pat Spence beat Stuart Graves-Morris and Sir Andrew beat Javier Calderon – all 3-0 victories. Captain Del Sharratt scored a 3-0 Default victory as Heriot Watts fifth player called off.

Sir Andrew and Javier had the closest game, 15-9, 15-13, 15-11. Javier was scoring points when he was making the veteran Sir Andrew run about the court but Sir Andrews game was just too good and he won the points when it matteed.

Sharratt sad “This is a good victory for the Reivers, it’s the first 18-0 result in East League 5 this season and fills us with confidence going into the break before next weeks match against Abercorn, Abercorn have got one of the best players I the League in their ranks so this one will not be as straight forward.”