Winning start for Borderers

Border Reivers 12-8 Dalgety Bay 2


Del Sharratt 3-1 Stuart Black

Del Sharratt started the League Season with a well fought victory, Stuart Black had an extremely hard and fast shot and Del had to keep the ball at the back of the court to win points. The first games Del managed to control the games from the Short line and took them 15-9, 15-10. In the third Game Stuart managed to find a wee bit of extra width and combined with the speed of hs shots this proved decisive as he took it 15-13. But in the fourth Game, Del played some deft serves that Stuart couldn’t return and although not straight forward Del managed to take it with some basic squash and remaining focussed for 15-12.


Iain Laing 3-1 Gerry Burton

Burton was a veteran of League Squash having over 40 years of experience in leagues up and down the country, but this was his first visit to Gala. Laing was no stranger to competitive squash himself having been former double club champion at Gala Squash Club. Beth players demonstrated thertr squash know how and this game was as much about the squash brain as it was about the shots. Reivers Iain Laing was slightly quicker and fitter and managed to pull out some deceptive shots for the victory 15-8, 15-9, 15-167, 15-10.


Amir Hosny 0-3 Neil Whiteside

Reivers No. 3 seed Hosny had a rare bad night; although his movement and length was there it was not a typical performance from the Borderer; Hosny left quite a few balls loose and towards the middle of the court and when your opponent is the standard of Whiteside then you know you can’t do that!

Hosny was half a yard slower than he usually is and the Fifer took this 15-10, 15-13, 15-6 for 3-0.


Pat Spence 0-3 Grant Sinclair

Reivers veteran Spence just came up against a stronger player in this one. IT was a pretty even match but Sinclair managed to handle the pressure better and get over the line in the games. 15-13, 15-13, 15-8.


Tony Elliot 3-0 Colin Boswell

Elliot carried on from where he left off last season; with the rubbers tied at 2-2 the Reivers captain Sharratt wasn’t too concerned as he knew with tony Elliot he had one of the best players in the league. Elliot motored off with a series of different shots and demonstrated his prowess on the court. Boswell had absolutely no answer for the Reivers top seed and Elliot took it 15-10, 15-4, 15-3.


Captain Del Sharratt commented “I’m glad we have started the season with a win. Dalgetty Bay 2s have just came down from League 4 so they are used to playing at a higher level and ARE one of the strongest teams in the league and this proved a tough start, it doesn’t get any easier though as we are at Craigshill Xcite next week and they are very strong at Home.