Junior Big Shots

IMG_20190223_170632L-R Dima Graham , Sahsha Graham


The Latest instalment of the Big Shots series was held at Edinbugh Sports Club – The Big Shots series is an entry level Squash Tournament for kids age 6-16 and is split into divisions. Galashiels Squash Club was represented by Current Junior Champion Dima Graham and his younger brother Sasha Graham.


Sasha was placed in Div 4 and struggled to live with the competition. The tournament was MONRAD format so everyone got 3 games and an overall ranking, the games were timed for 7 minutes so the highest score after 7 minutes would win.. The first game seen Sasha pitted against Daniel Evans form The Grange. Sasha found Daniel’s serves very difficult to read and Daniel would score several points just from the serve, this went 22-9 to Daniel. This put Sasha in the 5-8 playoff and he came up against another of Grange’s rising stars in Megan Read, this was a closer game and both players enjoyed the rallies, Megan took it 18-12 which meant it was Sasha Graham v Benjamin Wilkie in the 7/8 Play Off. This was and exciting watch, and remained pretty close for the first 5 minutes, but at the end Benjamin was too fit and strong and pulled away to take it 20-12.


Dima Graham was in Div 2 with some Formidable players, his opening rubber seen him against James Kelly of Edinburgh sports Club, James Kelly proved a very skilful player and rocketed off to a 32-10 victory, James Kelly later pulled out of the tournament but was on track to win Div 2 before he withdrew. Dima was then put in the 5-8 play off where his first opponent was Josh Myers of Edinburgh Sports Club. This was a close fought match with neither player really pulling away, Dima triumphed with a confidence boosting 17-15. For 5/6 place Dima was up against Finlay Templeton of Colinton Castle, Finlay had beaten Dima in a previous encounter, so Dima was keen to settle a score! Templeton started well in this and some good squash from both kids made it entertaining to watch, but Finlay went to 12-7 and seemed to be in control, but Dima kept his focus and wouldn’t take his eye off the ball and Dima knew time was running out for him to come back but a series of clever boasts by Dima brought him back into the game and Finlays head went down as he swiped at a couple of key shots and Dima Graham came from behind to sneak it 19-18 in the dying seconds of the match.

Dima was delighted with his 5th place and was already look9ing forward to the Next Round at Colinton Castle. The Div 1 title for the day was won by Thomas Crawley of The Grange, who beat Scotland Under 13s Representative Jamie Pearman of Tyne Squash Club 32-10 in the final.

Gala Squash Club Captain Del Sharratt said “It’s great just to see the kids get a competitive tournament against kids from other clubs, this is a vital stepping stone for Dima and Sasha into the Junior Open events and both boys are as keen as mustard.”