Hat’s Off for Hatton

Border Reivers 8-12 Hatton


Del Sharratt 3-0 Tim Wong

Del commanded this match from the word go, the Reivers Captain continued his recent form and a run of 3 victories. Del motored off to 3-0 and 4-0 starts in the games which meant he could relax in the games, most of Dels tight shots were winners but when Tim Wong was also replying with tight shots, Del just stayed focussed and played the percentage shots and Tim Wong would inevitably slip up at some point, it meant several long rallies and Del came off feeling like he had played a five setter; 15-7, 15-9, 15-13.


Graham Bensted 1-3 Nick Tinning

This game was more exciting and went one way then the other. Tinning started strongest getting off to a 6-1 lead fairly quickly and seemed the faster and more focussed player taking the first 15-6. The second was a mirror of the first as Bensted this time took a 6-1 lead, and most of the Reivers veterans shots were finding the corners this went Bensted’s way15-7. The match became a bit of a ding dong affair with neither player able to shake off the opponent and several let/stroke calls also kept the Referee Busy. Bu in the end Hatton took the tie 15-6, 7-15, 15-9, 15-12.


Iain Laing 3-0 Malcolm Mitchell

This marked the Return to the team for Gala Squash Club’s Two Time Champion Iain Laing. Laing, who hadn’t featured for 12 months due to injuries started a bit cagey and took a while to get going as he was wary of aggravating previous injuries. But Laing got into his stride, and his squash know-how and accurate shots were evident. Mitchell seemed to snatch at all LAings serves and it prevented the match from flowing but Laing won this one for the Reivers 15-11, 15-4, 15-12


Amir Hosny 1-3 Sammy Caseby

Caseby was making his debut for Hatton Squash Club, Caseby had previously played for now defunct Deer Park and proved a worthy addition to the Hatton team. Hosny seemed to be tight and lack agility as Caseby took 13 points before Hosny toubled the scorer, Hatton took the first two games 15-3, 15-10. Then Hosny seemed to relax in the third and play like he was enjoying it and this seemed to help his shot placement as he took the third 15-12. The match now flowing and long fast rallies made a thoroughly enjoyable spectacle for the fans. At 15-14 and game ball in the fourth Hosny served out and Caseby took over and won the match 17-15 and 3-1.


Pat Spence 0-3 Alan Love

Pat Spence found the Top Seed position tough going, regular No. 1 Tony Elliot was missing on holiday and Tony was :Usually a banker for 3 points. This was 15-8, 15-7, 15-5 to Alan Love. Spence started off well and didn’t seem to do much wrong. Alan Love was just that extra yard quicker and played slightly tighter shots and blew spence away with some awesome squash. This won the match for Hatton.