Dima Graham 3-2 Dougray Seggie

The first Gala Squash Club Junior Championship final for over 20 years was contested by Dima Graham and Dougray Seggie; 10 kids had entered the tournament and Dougray and Dima had won through to a much anticipated cracker of a final.  Dougray started as slight favourite as he had recently beaten Dima 2-0 in the Junior Ladder.
The match wa best 0f 5; in the first game it was point for point most of the way but the squash was good, Dima would play tight full length shots but the fitness fanatic Dougray seemed to get to everything.  The game was to 11 but this went to sudden death and Dougray took it with a deft serve 15-13.
The second game was just as intense, although Dima seemed more focussed this game and found good length as Dougray struggled to get the ball from the back of the court and Dima soon took a 7-3 advantage, although Dougray fought valiantly the younger Dima won 11-7.
The third game started well for Dougray, Dima couldn’t get his returns tight and the ball sat up more which Dougray would capitalise and send Dima round the court.  But at 6-3 down Dima won the serve back and seemed again to find good length with his shots and took the third 11-9.
By now the spectators were engrossed in the match, both players were showing signs of fatigue but neither would give up.  The fourth game seen longer rallies as both players were playing basic shots waiting for their opponent to miss and this gama again went to sudden death with Dougray taking it 12-10 for 2-2.
THe spectators were enjoyking a thrilling match, the decider got under way and both boys were wearying, it was at 4-4 that Dougray lost an extra yard of pace and Dima motored away and Dougray had no reply as Dima conquered 11-4 for 3-2.
MAtch Umpire Del Sharratt said “That was one of the most exciting squash matches I’ve seen since the commonwealth Games; I wish I could have played like that at that age!, it’s amazing that we have managed to run a junior championship again, the club is thriving and if Dima snd some of these kids stick in they will one day have there name on the champions Board.”champ4champ1