New Year Same Story for Gala

Galashiels 7-13 Edinburgh Sports Club 8


Andrew Chapman 3-2 Del Sharratt

Two evenly matched players opened the match, there were signs of post New Year fatigue, but with similar speed and styles this was an awesome opener. Indeed the first game went to sudden death, both payers covered every inch of the court and Del took the deciding point with a full length serve to take it 18-16. The Second game was just as slose and neither player could pull away, but the shots were tight and there wasn’t a point that didn’t go several shots into the rally, it was Chapman that took it 15-13. In the third game, both players player the full length game and managed to keep each other at the back of the court. A few lucky nicks though meant Chapman won 15-13. Chapman was starting to feel heavy footed but Del capitalized as he played the percentage shots and his patience paid off for 15-8. At 2-2 and neither players head dropping the decider was again close all the way, Chapman seemed to have the upper hand in concentration though and his tactic of back-back-front took too much out of Del and The Edinburgh man won 15-12 for 3-2.


Jordan Amaral 3-1 Graham Bensted

Another evenly matched game, in this one both players were hard , fast hitters so it was more of a war of attrition than the rallies in the previous Tussle. Bensted used his trademark serve to the corner to take several points but the Edinburgh player, considerably younger and fitter held out in a close match. This went – 15-12, 15-5, 12-15, 15-13 to Amaral.


Amir Hosny 0-3 Arun Pathal,

Although teenager Pathal took this in straight sets 15-2, 15-5, 15-9, the games were more evenly matched than the score line suggests.

Gala’s Hosny, who had represented Glasgow Uni earlier in the week didn’t do much wrong in the match, he just couldn’t get the killer shot that Pathal seemed to manage during the rallies. Both players covered the court quickly and the shots were accurate. Young Pathal’s grit and determination was what really clinched the match. Amir said after “I felt I played really well, what a player that boy is, he’s one for the future”.


Pat Spence 1-3 Tony Hadden

Another fairly similar styled match. But this was about lobs and boasts as opposed to hard fast shots in the previous games. Both players used their Squash Brains for this as they tried to out think each other and disguise their shots. Hadden was a bit more accurate with his shots and took this one 15-10, 11-15, 15-10, 15-7.


Matthew Boyce 1-3 Tony Elliot

The battle of the top seeds didn’t fail to disappoint. Elliot, crowned Gala’s Club Champion in 2017, was a bit slow out of the blocks and some very out of sorts unforced errors let Boyce steal the opener 15-10. Elliot didn’t let this phase him and focussed on his game and motored away in the next three games and although Boyce fought valiantly Elliot rattled off the next 3 games 15-6, 15-5, 15-8.


Captain Del Sharratt said “That was a battle; probably the most even squash match we’ve had in the league to date, all the players were similarly matched to the opponents and possibly home advantage was the key.”