Worthwhile Journey for Stirlingshire Team

Bridge of Allan 3 18-2 Gala


Iain Gorman 0-3 Stewart Penman

The first match up of the night was cagey and not too spectacular. Penman won 3-0 and the key was each game he motored off to 5-1 or 6-1 before Gorman could get into his stride and it was just too big a defecit for Gorman to overcome. Bridge of Allan took this 15-9, 15-6, 15-12.


Del Sharratt 2-3 Karen Robertson

Del got Gala’s only points of the night in what was tie of the match. This game went the distance and each game down to the wire, the first four games went 13-15, 16-14, 12-15, 15-13 and although Del shot off into a 4-1 and 8-5 lead in the decider, Karen pulled it back to 9-9 in another close tussle. At 13-11 for Brige of Allan, Del tinned a straight forward drop and lost the serve and momentum and Robertson took it 15-11.


Graham Bensted 0-3 Walter McAllister

These two veterans of the sport oozed experience, as Bensted had player Team Racketball up and down the country and McAllister had won several Mastes Tournaments over the years. This match though proved fairly one-sided as McAllisters experience shone through and what he lacked in fitness he made up for in know-how and took it 15-6, 15-5, 15-9.


Adam Niemzewski 0-3 Robbie Harper

Robbe Harper, just off the back of the East of Scotland Under 21 tournament hit the ground running in this tie. THer was some good squash and both players were on good form. This was another match were BofA got off to fliers in each games and gala had to come from behind. This match up produced some awesome rallies and although Harper took it 15-6, 15-5, 15-13 the match was more intense than the score suggests.


Pat Spence 0-3 Dougie Curtis

AnotherBlank for Gala, as BofA took maximum points from this match, Gala’s Spence a seasoned campaigner was just up against a better player in Curtis and Curtis mopped up fairly quickly with 15-6, 15-2, 15-7.


Bridge of Allan came to Gala s League Leaders and Unbeaten, so we knew it was going to be tough; the pattern of this match was the Start of each game in the ties where BofA seemed to get off to the best starts and then were able to relax later in the games. That sort of thing comes from experience and Gala can only learn from games like these.

My Top End of the team are missing due to holidays and injuries and it means everyone has to move Up a level so we were up against it. I know we could do some damage in this league with a full team.


Del Sharratt

Captain GSRC