Heavy Defeat for Gala

Galashiels 3-15 Abercorn


Iain Gorman 1-3 Tom Clemens

Iain, fresh from his victory the previous week was oozing confidence going into this tie; Iain has improved no end from pre-season and has been enjoying the competitive week in week out league squash. It was Gala’s Iaian that took the first game, Iain just used his superior strength and found the back wall with most of shots and took it 15-11; in the second game, Iain was taking his time and varying his shots. But Abercorn’s Clemens seemed to reach everthing and Tom won 15-7, the story of the third game was just as the second – Tom getting to everything and seem to get fitter the more the game went on, indeed Tom took it 15-9 for 2-1 to Abercorn. In the fourth Game, Iain upped his game and although he commanded the T-Line Tom just wouldn’t let up and it went right to the wire before Tom took it 15-13.


Del Sharratt 0-3 Neelu Sarkar

In what was developing into a bit of a Friendly rivalry, Sarkar and Sharratt locked horns for the 3rd time in two seasons, although Sarkar had the edge in the previous games 3-2 and 3-1, Sharratt felt he could beat Sarkar and was looking forward to the match.

It was an amazing first game, Sharratt was at 14-12 and serving for the game, but Sarkar wouldn’t give in and Sarkar then had game points at 17-16 and 19-18 and Eventually took it 21-19. This seemed to knock the wind out of Del a bit and Sarkar motored on in the next and it was a bit more comfortable -7. The third was as intense as the first and the rallies were long as both players played safe and waited for the opponent to make errors – it was Gala’s Sharratt that seemed to make more errors though and Sarkar took the match 3-0 with 15-12.


Graham Bensted 1-3 Michael Baty

Graham was going into the unknown as Baty hadn’t faced Gala before and was a bit of a Newby to the Abercorn team. But it seemed to be Baty that, had the -edge in this tussle, Graham, renowned for his hard powerful serves won most of his points without a rally being played, but as soon as Baty got into the rallies he seemed to be firmly in control. This one went to Abercorn – 15-9, 15-12, 14-16, 15-10


Adam Niemczewski 1-3 Martin Browse

City Veteran Browse, who had a 100% record against Gala, wasn’t expecting too gard a time from Niemczewski, the Polish Boy had played against Abercorn last year and failed to take a game. But Adam showed his mettle and this was a titanic match, the rallies were tight and both players were relativelty fit; in the first game Martin rocketed away to 13-7 but Adam wouldn’t give in and came back with a series of tight shots before going down 15-12. The Second game was just as exciting, this time Adam threw in some deft drop shots and this took the game 15-9, at 1-1 Martin started to really slow the pace down and took time at his serves, this got to Adam’s rythym a wee bit and Browse took it relatively easy 15-5. Although the final game was a thriller, Martin seemed to have the mental edge on Adam and his Slow pace got into Adam’s head, Adam fought valiantly but Abercorn took it 15-5 for 3-1.


Pat Spence 0-3 Jamie Irving

Gala were missing their top seeds due to injury and holidays and Spence, normally at seed 3 had to step upto seed 1 for the night. The Step up proved tough and Spence gave a good account of himself, some inch perfect lobs the highlight of Spence’s game but the Better player on the night took the match, 15-10, 15-9, 15-11.


Captain Del Sharratt commented “Ooft, that is our heaviest defeat to date, This puts us on the back foot going into the tie against top of the table Bridge of Allan next week, I don’t envisage my top seeds being back so we’ll likely go with the same team again. I can’t fault the guys for effort and we just need the rub of the green to go our way.”