Waverley Win Again

Waverley 4 10-7 Galashiels


Iain Gorman 3-1 Brian Scott

Iain Gorman took full points for Gala in the first match, the first game was a story of long and hard hitting shots, the heat in the court meant the ball was bouncing well and the players started slowly. Iain took the first 15-7 and Brian the second 15-12 for 1-1. The this game Gorman commanded the T-Line and made Brian Scott do all the running about and took it 15-11; the fourth game again was a series of full length shots and Gorman again took charge of the rallies and made the more senior Brian Scott tire quickly and triumphed 15-12.


Del Sharratt 0-3 Stuart Johnston

In what is developing into a bit of a rivalry, Sharratt and Johnston took to the court, last season they played each other twice and it ended 1-1 with both players winning the home rubber.

This one went the same way, as home advantage played into Johnston’s hands, although Sharratt fourght valiantly Johnston recognised that Sharratt’s weak Backhand could be exploited and won almost AL the rallies on that side of the court. Stuart rattled the games off 15-7, 15-13, 15-9.


Graham Bensted 0-3 Andrew Melvin

Youth and Fitness prevailed in this match, Gala’s Bensted, who has a history of playing Racketball in Competitions was finding the switch to squash a little daunting. That coupled with the extreme heat of the Waverley courts meant the edge was with Melvin, Melvin took it pretty straightforward 15-6, 15-6, 15-13.


Pat Spence 3-0 Dave Ferguson (Inj)

Only Two games were played in this match as Waverley’s Dave Ferguson pulled up injured after the second, but Pat was dominant from the start and was on top in fitness, skill and know-how in this match. Pat had the better of Dave from the start and although Dave played as far as he could he was dissapionted not to have finished the match. Pat took it 15-11, 15-7 w/o


Kev Douglas 1-3 Neil Porter

Gala’s Douglas had calf trouble prior to this but played through the pain barrier, his movement was restricted and Kev didn’t want to take any risks and wasn’t reaching Porter’s drop shots as he usually would. The game was a bit duller due to the injury but Kev gave a good account of himself and each game went to the wire but Kev lost 18-20, 16-14, 15-13, 15-11

Gala Captain Sharratt said afterwards “Home Advantage is key in these league matches, Waverley have the warmest courts we will play in, where as Gala’s courts are considerably colder – this does affect the speed and bounce of the ball. It was a shame the injuries had to hamper the games but it was an enjoyable match.”

I hope Kev recovers as he’s a big loss to my team, but you can only play the cards you are dealt and someone else will capably step up I’m sure.