Handicap Tournament Exciting Finals

The Finals of The Handicap Quaich and the Plate tournament took place at the squash club last week and two great finals were played.
First up in the Plate tournament Club Captain Del Sharratt took on Student Darren Quinn, Darren started the match with a 10 point advantage and Del knew it would be difficult to claw it back.
Del took off out the blocks and rattled off 12 straight points before Darren could trouble the scorer, this gave Del a 9-7 advantage and Del knew he wouldn’t throw it away from there. Del was focussed and played some tremendous placed drop shots and everything stayed tight to the wall as Quinn just couldn’t quite reach them. This one ended up going t othe wire and sudden death when a deft boast to the front of the court seen Del take it 17-15 for 2-0. The Third game again seen Del rattle off several points as Darren just couldn’t get the ball tight and everything seemed to sit up for Del who would then drive the ball into the corners. But a couple of loose serves was all it took to let Darren into the game and Darren took the third to go 2-1. The fourth game seemed t oturn in favour of Darren, he was on a roll after winning the previous game and at 10 point start it was just too much for Del and Darren took it comprehensively 15-3. The match was poised at 2-2 and it was going t obe a thrilling Decider. Again Darren just couldn’t keep the ball tight and at critical points in the rallies th ball would sit nicely for Del who would capitalise with a drop or lob and after an intense affair Del took it 3-2. Del Sharratt(-3) v (+7) Daren Quinn (15-12, 17-15, 13-15, 3-15, 15-13).

In the Quaich final Iain Gorman gave a similar start to Ladies Champion, this tie was a demonstration of strength and power from Iain as although Rachel had some quite graceful movement and accurate shots; Iain Gorman powered the ball at every opportunity and was too fast and strong for Rachel. Iain Gorman (-2) 3-1 (+8) Rachel McAleese.