Gala Defeated in East of Scotland Cup


The East of Scotland squash Cup quarter final pitted ‘The Borderers’ from Gala squash Club against Edinburgh Sports Clubs ‘Khaled’s Dragons’ who were playing at home. The Borderers team was Andy Gill, Ruaridh Kohler, Luis Molero, Del Sharratt (Capt) and Andrew Dowlen-Gilland. Each player faced their opposite number from the Dragons in a Point-A-Rally to 15, best of 5 match. Khaled’s Dragons, whose players play regular league squash, didn’t know what to expect from circuit newcomers The Borderers and certainly didn’t expect an easy time.

In the first round of Matches, veteran Andrew Dowlen-Gilland was against a much younger Andrew Chapman and despite going 2-0 down relatively quickly, Dowlen-Gilland fought deep and overturned the deficit to conquer his opponent 3-2 and take the first point of the match for The Borderers (1-0).

Luis Molero and Callum Harvey then played out an exciting and intense match, the games were tit-for-tat until 2-2 with both players showing their prowess and speed by covering every inch of the court, there were some long tight rallies in this one then in the fifth and deciding game Luis Molero tired and Callum’s fitness won him the match with a fairly quick 15-6 (1-1).

Next up from Gala Squash Club was Captain Del Sharratt v Neil Forrest, and Ruaridh Kohler v Khaled Mohammed – Khaled’s Dragons Captain. Both the Borderers lost the matches 3-0; Neil Forrest found perfect length with all his shots finding the back corners and leaving Del with no way of returning the balls, that coupled with tight powerful serves proved too strong for Del (2-1).

Khaled disposed of Ruaridh Kohler in a roller coaster match winning the first 15-1 and the second 15-13(3-1 for The Dragons). The Final match was the Battle of the Top seeds with The Borderers Andy Gill (Gala’s current club champion) vs Ewan Fraser for Khaleds Dragons. Ewans fitness proved the deciding factor in this game, Gill was volleying the ball from one corner to the other but Ewan seemed to take the running around well in his stride and an awesome display of squash ensured he triumphed 3-0, therefore taking the match 4-1 for Khaled’s Dragons.

After the Match The Borderers Captain Del Sharratt said “What a match, this is the biggest competition Gala Squash Club has been involved in for many years. The Edinburgh Sports Club team play week in week out and although the standard of squash is much the same they are far superior fitness wise and just didn’t seem to tire throughout the matches.

“I’d like to Congratulate Andrew Dowlen-Gilland for coming from behind to secure the Borderers only point and avoid a whitewash; and for me the player of the match was Luis Molero, his effort and commitment to every shot was amazing and it was frustrating that his determination didn’t yield a victory. We will work on our fitness over the coming year and challenge for the East of Scotland Cup Next year!”

Khaled Mohammed said “That was tough, close match. The scores don’t do The Borderers justice. I hope Gala squash club will get involved in many more Scottish squash tournaments as they are a handy outfit and it’s great to see them involved again.”

Overall Scores:

Andrew Dowlen-Gilland 3-2 Andrew Chapman (11-15, 8-15, 15-8, 15-7, 15-4).

Del Sharratt (c) 0-3 Neil Forrest (11-15, 5-15, 8-15).

Luis Molero 2-3 Callum Harvey (15-5, 11-15, 15-8, 12-15, 6-15).

Ruaridh Kohler 0-3 Khaled Mohammed (c) (1-15, 13-15, 6-15).

Andy Gill 0-3 Ewan Fraser (9-15, 11-15, 15-17).

The Borderers" team from left - Ruaridh Kohler, Luis Molero, Del Sharratt, Andrew Dowlen-Gilland and Andy Gill.
“The Borderers” team from left – Ruaridh Kohler, Luis Molero, Del Sharratt, Andrew Dowlen-Gilland and Andy Gill.