Ruaridh is the star

Gala squash Club were represented at the latest East of Scotland Squash Conference event by Luis Molero, Ruaridh Kohler and Rachel McAleese. this round was hosted by Edinburgh University at their squash courts at The Pleasance in Edinburgh. The format was slightly different this time with mni-leagues pitting players from different clubs against each other, followed by inter-league play offs (1v1, 2v2 etc).

The mini Leagues were given cats names and were:

Lions – Luis Molero (GSRC), Gordon Robertson (Collinton Castle), Shayne Martin (The Grange), Calum Henning (Edin Univ).

Tigers – Ruaridh Kohler (GSRC), Jamie Dalrymple (The Grange), James Cottam (Edin Univ), Ryan Jaswal (The Grange).

Leopards – Edlidh Bridgeman, Frederico Greco, Beca Luckett (all Edin uni), Laura Robertson (The Grange).

Cougars – Maddy Halewell, Evie Coley, Prateek Bawa (all Edin Uni), Rachel McAleese (GSRC).

Gordon Robertson won The Lions mini-League by whitewashing all his opponents 2-0, Luis was second, drawing with Shayne 1-1 and beating Calum 2-0. In the Tigers it Was Gala squash Clubs Ruaridh Kohler that proved too strong having tied his first rubber 1-1 with Jamie Dalrymple he took 2-0 victories over Ryan Jaswal and James Cottam with relative ease.

In the Play Offs Luis couldn’t shake off The Grange’s as they tied 1-1 and in the “Final” it was much the same story Ruaridh Kohler and Gordon Robertson fought out a 1-1 draw. This meant for the second event in succession Gala’s Ruaridh Kohler remained unbeaten and is well on course to take the Conference Player of the Season award.

In the Ladies Draw Rachel beat Evie and Maddy 2-0 but could only manage a 1-1 draw with Prateek. In her Play off though Frederico conquered Rachel 2-0.

The Next Event is at East Sports Club in Edinburgh on Sat 2nd April 4pm.

Feb 2016 Gala's Ruaridh Kohler (LHS) and /Gordon Robertson in the final
Feb 2016
Gala’s Ruaridh Kohler (LHS) and /Gordon Robertson in the final