Gala feature in conference event 2

On Saturday 17th January 2015, Gala travelled to Edinburgh for the 2nd event in the East of Scotland Squash Conference. The friendly match involved Galashiels, Grange, Collinton Castle and Watsonians (the hosts).

Gala squash Club were under pressure from the start as they were missing key players, newly crowned Club Champion Andy Gill, and the previous event’s man of the match John Sharratt; the team that travelled comprised of Del Sharratt, Luis Molero, Ruaridh Kohler, Rachel McAleese and guest player William Tiercelin.

Del Sharratt took to the court first against Collinton Castle’s former Squash League player Mark Crease and was disposed of relatively quickly 11-8, 11-3.  Ruaridh’s first match was just as tough as he went down 2-0 to Gordon Robertson – who was later crowned Man of The Match.  Gala’s first victory came by way of William Tiercelin who beat Shane Martyn of Grange 2-0.  Del Sharratt redeemed himself from his earlier loss by a stunning 2-1 victory over Grange’s Captain Jamie Dalrymple (15-13, 6-11, 11-6).

Collinton Castles team was packed with quality players and they won the event with 22 points, Grange fought well with 15, followed by Watsonians 11 and Gala Squash Club 8.

Gala Club Captain Del Sharratt said after the event “We felt the absence of our star players, but it was a fun event which is the main thing and we look forward to the next leg at Gala Squash and Racketball Club.”

Gala Team Results: D Sharratt 0-2 M Crease (Collinton Castle), L Molero 0-2 G Robertson (CC), R Kohler 0-2 N Lyth (Grange), W Tiercelin 2-0 S Martyn (Gra), R Kohler 1-2 A Stiratt (Watsonians), R McAleese 1-2 A Robertson (CC), D Sharratt 2-1 J Dalrymple (Gra), L Molero 0-2 M Crease (CC), R Kohler 0-2 G Robertson (CC), W Tiercelin 0-2 P McIntosh (CC); R McAleese 0-2 L Robertson (Wats), D Sharratt 0-2 C Looby (Gra), L Molero 2-0 S Martyn (Gra), R Kohler 1-2 A Stirratt (Wats), W Tiercelin 2-1 L Robertson (Wats), R McAleese 0-2 H Dobbie (Wats).