Gala come close in Conference Event 3

On 31st January 2014, a mixed team from Grange , Watsonians and Collinton squash clubs made up the “Edinburgh Select” and travelled to Galashiels for the third event in the East of Scotland Squash Confrence.

Galashiels were confident of a victory having home advantage and a fairly strong team of John Sharratt, Del Sharratt, Luis Molero, Rachel McAleese, Jamie Dalrymple (guest) and Dawn McBrayne.

In what was a very exciting and close run match a strong Edinburgh team sneaked it 25-24.

The very first tie pitched the joint “players of the match” from the first event together – John sharratt and Mark Crease and in what was a very tight and enthralling affair Gala’s John Sharratt edged it 2-1 taking it 11-8 in the deciding game.  Gala Captain Del Sharratt found it tough going in his first tie losing to Gordon Robertson 2-0, (11-8, 11-10) and then losing to Mark Crease by 2-0 again by 11-8, 11-10; before a stunning 2-0 victory over Edinburgh’s Jim McConnell.  Dawn McBrayne secured some valuable points for Gala as she remained unbeaten in her 3 matches and claimed the Maximum 6 points defeating Greg Brown (2-1), Anne Robertson (2-0) and Shane Martyn  (2-1).  Galas other victories came with Rachel McAleese beating Greg Brown 2-1, John Sharratt beating Jim McConnell 2-0 and Jamie Dalrymple beating Christy Looby 2-1.

East of Scotland Squash Conference: Gala Squash Club 24-25 Edinburgh Select

Gala conference match Jan 2015 photo 2


J Sharratt 2-1 M Crease, A Robertson 2-0 R McAleese, G Robertson 2-0 D Sharratt, J McConnell, 2-0 L Molero, J Dalrymple 2-1 C Looby, D McBrayne 2-1 G Brown, J Sharratt 1-2 G Robertson, D Sharratt 2-0 J McConnell, S Martyn 2-1 R McAleese, G Robertson 2-0 L Molero, M Crease 2-0 J Dalrymple, D McBrayne 2-0 A Robertson, J Sharratt 2-0 J McConnell, M Crease 2-0 D Sharratt, R McAleese 2-1 G Brown, A Robertson 2-1 L Molero, D McBrayne 2-0 S Martyn, J Dalrymple 0-2 G Robertson.